• The barber license paradox

    A particular town has enacted a new law on the barber license: “A person is a barber if that person shaves all people who don’t shave themselves and no one else.” So, should the barber shave himself? What is the problem here, and can you tell what kind of paradox is this?

  • Candied Guesses

    Five participants were in a contest to guess the number of candies in a jar. The closest guess to the correct number won. Arnold guessed 59, Betty guessed 66, Connor guessed 65, Daniel guessed 55, and Eliza guessed 61. Two were off by 3 and one was off by 4. Who won the contest?

  • Cupid

    My first is in SATCHEL and also in CLOUD.My second’s in LOVEBUG as well as in PROUD.My third is in VIPER and PAVEMENT and VAMP.My fourth is in PIRATE but never in TRAMP.My fifth is in WORLDLY and also in DREAM;My whole is a figure who fits today’s theme. If you thought that this poem…

  • How Do Elevators Even Work?

    Jared gets on an elevator. He goes up 8 floors, down 2 floors, and then up 10 floors, which puts him on the top floor. Then, he goes down 11 floors, up 3 floors, and down 16 floors, which puts him on the first floor. At which floor did Jared get on the elevator?

  • Pie Town

    A huge pie is divided among 100 guests. The first guest gets 1% of the pie. The second guest gets 2% of the remaining part. The third guest gets 3% of the rest, etc. The last guest gets 100% of the last part. Now the question is who gets the biggest piece?

  • Three brothers A, B, C want to travel 300 km

    Three brothers A, B, C want to travel 300 km. They have a bike which goes in uniform velocity 60 km/h which can carry 2 members in a time. Each brother can walk 15 km/h how they can reach the final point with minimum time?

  • The three gods

    Once upon a time, in a temple in an Eastern country far far away, there were three statues of three gods casted right next to each other. They are: the God of Truth that always tells the truth, the God of Lies that always lies, and the God of Chaos that sometimes tells the truth…

  • Red team, black team

    The students in a particular class are playing a game. The students are splitted in two teams: Team Red and Team Black. Students in Team Red always tell the truth, students in Team Black always lie. Anna, Daniel and Claire are three students in the class. The teacher asks Anna: “What team are you?” Anna…

  • The twin sisters

    I used to live next to a town where a pair of notorious identical twin sisters lived. Their names are Emma and Sophia. Emma always lies on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; on other days of the week she always tells the truth. Sophia always lies on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday; on other days of the…

  • Where am I?

    There was a tourist getting lost in either town A or B of a mythical beautiful country. Citizens of town A never lie, citizens of town B always lie. There are some citizens of town A in town B, and vice-versa. Can you think of one question the tourist could ask the first random person…

  • White hats and black hats

    Three students who were the finalists of a math contest were invited to a game show. The rule of the show was the following: When the blindfolds were removed, the rule of the show was announced to the students. The first person who could tell the color of the hat put on their head wins.…

  • Three philosophers

    Three ancient Greek philosophers, after participating in a lengthy argument in a hot day, passed out under the shadow of an apple tree in the Academy. A couple of mine workers passed by when they were napping, so the miners smeared some charcoal on their foreheads. When the philosophers woke up, they looked at each…