Camping Trouble


When I was 16, I went camping with my family. My girlfriend, who was also 16, went along with her family as well. We went to the same campground together because her parents knew mine and we’re friends. I thought that this was perfect because now I could be with my girlfriend all summer.
One night, my girlfriend’s parents were chatting with mine, so we sneaked away and went to have some “fun” at the cottage we were renting. So we got to the cottage but the door was locked so we ended up sneaking through a window.

We got really busy that night, having lots of “fun” with each other. During the climax, we heard a noise and we thought our my parents had come back. Then the next thing we knew, an elderly couple opens up the door before we could react, the next thing we saw was a shotgun pointing at us with the man asking us who we are and what we were doing in his cabin… while we were still having sex! We were horrified beyond belief! Apparently we ran and sneaked into the wrong cabin that night because it was too dark to see anything. The elderly couple talked to my parents and my girlfriend’s parents the next day and told them what they had seen, and ever since then I could not look my parents or her parents in the eye again.