A lawyer was having a nice peacful time at home one day when the phone rang. He answered it and it was a man asking for donations towards a charity.

The lawyer tries to tell the man politely that he wouldn’t donate. But the man kept pushing and pushing. The man said over the phone, “But Sir, I know for a fact you are a very wealthy lawyer, you make tons of money each year, and as I look over this information sheet I don’t see any donations you have made to any charities in the last five years. Don’t you think it’s time you gave something back to the community that’s treated you so well?”

The lawyers now pissed replies, “Look! I have a sick mother who requires an expensive surgery, my brother is handicapped and needs money to install ramps into his home so he can get back to a normal life, my sister needs money to get her dog an operation, and my father was injured on the job and now they’re repossessing his house unless he comes up with $5000 by the end of the week.”

The man over the phone stammers, “I-I-I’m sorry sir. I had no idea that many people needed money from you.”

The lawyers replies, “Damn right! And if they can’t get me to give them a dime, what makes you think you stand a chance??”