Damn – Missed the Bugger!

A golfer was having a round of golf with the local vicar. The golfer took his birdie put, but then a gust of wind blew the ball just wide of the hole. The golfer, being very bad tempered, then exclaimed “Damn – missed the bugger!”.

The vicar said to the man “Please do not use foul language again.”

They moved onto the next hole and exactly the same thing happened – a gust of wind blew the ball just wide. Once again the golfer shouted “Damn – missed the bugger!”

This annoyed the vicar, so he turned to the man and said “Please do not use bad language again, or the heavens shall open and God will strike you down with a bolt of lightning!”

But once again, on the next hole a gust of wind blew the ball just wide, and the golfer screamed “Damn – missed the bugger!”

As soon as he said this the heavens opened and a lightning bolt shot down and struck the vicar.

Then God’s voice boomed “Damn – missed the bugger!”