Dental Appointment?

*This is from a comic called Pearls Before Swine, I just wanted to share it with you guys(crowd goes *awwww*)*

Dentist(on phone p-D): Hi, this is Dr. Smith’s office calling to remind you about your dental appointment tomorrow.
Other Person(P): Can’t make it.
D: Why?
P: Profanity. It offends me.
D: I didn’t use profanity.
P: Car won’t start.
D: You live a block away.
P: 2 broken feet.
D: We’ll send a cab.
P: No money.
D: We’ll pay.
P: Mom died.
D: You said that last year.
P: Dad this time.
D: You don’t know which?
P: Can’t keep track.
P: When training for a marathon.
D: On 2 broken feet?
P: I drive the race.
D: Your car won’t start.
P: I take a cab.
D: You have no money.
P: Mom died again.
D: Listen here, buddy! Get me a legitimate excuse or get the @!$!@$#% over here!
P: Profanity. It offends me.
*hangs up*
P: Amateurs.