The worst (and wealthiest) member of Augusta approached Ben Crenshaw after the Master’s Tournament. He challenged him to a match – double or nothing the prize money he had just one. Crenshaw was hesitant but, hey, who doesn’t need more money, right?

To make it fair he offered the guy any handicap he wanted. The member requested two gottcha’s. Crenshaw wasn’t sure what a gottcha was but since the man was insistent, he agreed.

They went out to the first tee and the member took a swing at his ball and sliced mightily. Crenshaw got up and teed up his ball. The guy came up behind Crenshaw and swung his driver hard between Crenshaw’s legs. “GOTTCHA!” he screamed.

Crenshaw squirmed in agony, fell to the floor clutching his groin with tears streaming down his face. “That’s one gottcha gone” said his challenger. Crenshaw took quite some minutes to compose himself again and played on.

At the end of the round the people couldn’t believe that Crenshaw had lost. His only comment, “Ever play a round of golf waiting for the second “gottcha?”