Green Ring

There were 2 men sitting next to each other in a hospital waiting room. Feeling a little akward, one man turns to the other and asks, “So what are you in here for?”. Leaning closer to the other man so as to wisper because of embarasment, the first man replies,”I have a green ring around my penis!” Shocked, the second man replies,”that’s so weird, I have a red ring around mine.”

well time passes an the second man gets called into the doctors office. a little while later the man comes out and walks by the first man with a big smile on his face telling him that he was fine and that he will be too.

so the first man gets called into the doctors office. the doctor started to examine him. after about 5 minuets of poking and prodding the doctor finally gives his review. with a worried expression on his face he tells the first man,” i’m sorry there is nothing i can do for you.” the man replies,” the guy who just came out of here had the same problem as me, only he had a red ring around his penis!!!” the doctor nodds his head and tells the man, ” yes, i know, but his ring was just lipstick!”