Sherlock Holmes and his companion Watson are chasing down a criminal and have come to a time in the chase in which it is too late to head back home and too late to keep traveling after him. Considering that they were in the middle of the woods, Holmes, being as smart as he was, figured that this would happen. He had brought along most of the materials that they would need to go camping.

They set up camp, putting up their tent, making a fire to cook and for the warmth. Soon, they thought it best to go to sleep. In the middle of the night, Holmes wakes up, and immediately wakes up Watson.

After Watson awoke he simply said, “Watson my friend, look up and tell me, what do you see?”

After looking up, Watson replies, “Stars, so many stars out there and so far apart that they truly show us how small and miniscule our planet is to the entire universe. Thus showing, that our planet is miniscule, that we are basically nothing. Truly the trifle things that we go through every day do mean nothing in its effect to the entire universe.”

Holmes starts shaking his head and says, “Watson, you bumbling fool, someone has stolen our tent!!!”