How to Talk Native Southern I

Aig – What a hen lays.
Aints – He’s got aints in his paints.
Paints – What cha put on your laigs of a morning.
Arn – Ma’s tard of arnin.
Bag – He bagged her to marry him.
Bobbed – A bobbed wire fence.
Bresh – He had a bresh with the law, and the law won.
Bub – the light bub burned out.
Cheer – What you set in.
Crick – A small stream.
Clum – He sure clum that tree fastern any ‘coon.
Chiny – country over in Asia.
Chuch duds – Sunday go-to-meetin clothes.
Core – He got hisself a new Ford core.
Cyow – animal on Farm.
Deppity – He helps out the shurf..
Dribbed – He dribbed milk on his shirt.
Dainz – Satidy night social.
Ellum – A graceful tree.
Fanger – What you put your rang on.
Faince – Whats round the hawg lot.