Man and his Technology

A well dressed man walks into a bar in a rather rough side of town. The bartender watches to make sure no fights break out with him.
To the bartenders suprise, the man starts hitting his hand like hes dialing a telephone. He puts his hand to his ear and starts talking.
The bartender goes over to him and says, “What are you crazy? People see you doing that, they’ll kick your ass.”
The man replies, “No, no it’s the state of the art telephone built into my hand. Here have a look.”
The bartender has a nice chat with his mom on the mans hand and says, “wow, that’s impressive.” Then goes back to work.
10 minutes later the man goes into the bathroom and a bunch of gang-bangers go in after him. The gang leaves laughing and the man is nowhere to be seen.
Horrified to what he might find he runs into the bathroom and sees the man spread eagle out on the floor with a roll of toilet paper shoved up his butt.
The bartender asks, “Are you OK? What did they do??”
The man replies, “Huh? Oh, don’t worry. I’m just waiting for a fax.”