Power Outage

It was a dark and stormy night in the small Newfoundland village when Jarge’s wife suddenly went into labor. The doctor came to the house and realized there was no time to get to the hospital in the city, the baby was coming now!

Just then the power went out. Jarge brought out the kerosene lantern and held it for the doctor.

Within minutes, Jarge’s son was born. The elated parents were surprised when the doctor declared that another baby was coming. Soon, another baby had come into the world. And then a third. Jarge, somewhat in shock at the sudden prospect of supporting such a large family, started to back away. But wait, the doctor soon realized the end was not in sight. “Bring the light closer, Jarge, I think there’s another one!”

“No way,” cried Jarge, fleeing from the room. “It’s the light that’s attracting them!”