Both of the following men have cheated on their wives and have decided to take it to the Lord. One is a gangster and one is a Christian. This is their prayers….

Christian husband:

Dear Father Son and Holy Ghost,
I have sinned and am so sorry. I cheated on my wife with her best friend. Please allow my wife to forgive me for it was a long night and I didn’t mean to hurt her.

Gangster husband:

Waz up Pops Pops Jr. and Spooks,
I cheated on my women last night. She is pissed off but I have a good reason for my actions. You see I’m a pimp in my old town and one of my leading ladies was having some trouble so you know, Lil’ Willy down there make it all better. Well, my woman found out so you know let this blow over.
Gangster out