Taste of Pork

A rabbi and a Catholic priest are having lunch in a restaurant. The priest’s food arrives, a scrumptious-looking ham entrée. The priest attacks his lunch, savouring every bite of the ham. Noticing the rabbi eyeing him, he asks, “So tell me, Rabbi Goldblum, have you ever had any pork before?”
The rabbi hesitates. “Well, it’s not for me to say…”
The priest pushes on. “Oh, c’mon, Rabbi. We’re both men of God here. We can tell each other our sins. Nothing to it.”
“Umm… well, yes, as a matter of fact, I did have pork once.”
Smugly the priest teases him, “And a fine meat it was, wasn’t it? Heheh.”
“Yeah, I’ll say.”
A few moments pass. The rabbi asks the priest: “Tell me Father, have you ever had sex with a woman before?”
“Why of course… well, before I took holy orders, that is.”
The rabbi smirks, “Sure beat the taste of pork, didn’t it?”