The Florists

One day 4 Friars decided to take an early retirement. So they retired and spent most of their time at home. Getting bored with retirement they decided they needed to try something new. After talking it over they decided to open a floral shop in the town. They knew a bit about gardening and could probably make some nice profits.

So they set up shop and had the best flowers in all of town. People always bought their flowers instead of the competitions down the street. The competitions owner was pretty mad and one day he went up to the friars and said, “If you dont close this shop down in one week I will make you pay.”

Not willing to back down to a threat the friars stayed in business for another week. Then the competitions owner came up to them with a message, “My son Hugh is getting out of jail in an hour. He’ll be here to make sure you close down this shop.”

An hour or two later a huge man came into the shop and started wrecking everything. He smashed vases, ripped apart flowers, and broke the shops windows while the terrified friars hid under the shops counter. When Hugh was through he left but gave them a warning, “If you rebuild your business I’ll be back.”

The Moral – “Only Hugh can prevent Florist Friars.”