Two Guys and a Genie

So, this guy, Bill is sitting in a bar and pulls out this tiny little piano and a little guy about a foot tall. The little guy sits down and starts playing the piano quite beautifully.

The fellow on the next bar stool, Joe, says ‘That’s amazing. Where did you get him?’

Bill answers ‘well, I got this magic lamp with a genie.’

So Joe asks ‘that’s great, could I use it?’ Bill says ‘sure ‘ and hands him the lamp. Joe rubs the lamp and out comes the genie. He continued, ‘I want a million bucks’. Suddenly the room is entirely filled with quacking ducks!

Joe exclaims ‘Hey! I asked for 1 million BUCKS! Not DUCKS!’ Bill explained.

‘Yes, the genie is a bit deaf. You don’t think I really asked for a twelve inch pianist do you?