The King and the Queen

A king and a queen were ruling a kingdom together, but they weren’t friends at all. The king hated the queen, and the queen hated the king.

The queen had a disorder, which had no name. When you asked her a two-way question (e.g. true or false) she will answer the word she heard last, so if you ask her, “Do you need water to live, true/false,” you know what she’ll answer.

The city they ruled over was a bad city, there were crimes almost every hour. They had to be responsible over the town.

One day, someone murdered the King’s son, and was trying to find out who had done it. He announced to the town, “The one who killed my son, will be hanged, no matter who you are!”

People searched and searched, but could not find out who it was.

So the king eventually gave up, the town gathered around. He said, “There’s only one person left to ask! If this person is not it, the killer will have gotten away with this horrible crime.”

He turned to the queen. He said to the town: “I am pretty sure that the queen did not do it, but I’ll ask anyway, just to make sure.”

He asked her, “Queen, did you kill my son? No or Yes?”